Thick thighs keep the pussy warm.

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“ Being a girl is so fucking expensive.
Anonymous:  I was curious to see if you'd responded to my comment about your abusive posts. How did you respond? You responded abusively. I am not trolling or baiting nor am I naive (and I find that rich coming from what I've seen of you in this place). You may think you are worldly and intellectual but you clearly know nothing of the world or women. We want a lover who understands us. The only thing you seem to understand is pornography. It takes more than a shiny body, my dear. Good luck. You'll need it.



I think someone needs a hug..

Haha, wow. Not being naive? Hmm. If you say things like that and say you aren’t naive then you’re more naive than we’d originally have thought.

Women want someone who understands them? Of course they do! They want someone who understands that some women like to be slapped, choked, throat-fucked, and treated like a dirty whore (in the bedroom.. or wherever else it occurs). And they want someone who understands that how they like to be treated in the bedroom does not equal how they like to be treated in day to day life. 

^ yep yep. Understand I want your dick shoved down my throat and a nice pink hand print on my ass lol 

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